QRCode Generator

An Opera extension

What's that?

This is an add-on for Opera browser that shows a QRCode of the current page in a popup. Then, you can quickly transfer a webpage from your browser to your smartphone, for example.

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  • Generates a QRCode from the URL of the current website by clicking on a button.
  • Download the generated QRCode as an image by clicking on it.


This add-on is translated in English and French.

Download, install, and enjoy! How can I integrate this to my Opera browser?

Download & install

You can download this add-on by following this link:

Download and/or Install QRCode Generator
File size: 45 Ko

You can also download this add-on on the official add-ons website:

QRCode Generator 1.2 on the Extensions Catalog

Current version is 1.2.

This add-on is licensed under an Apache 2.0 License.


You can now download the generated QRCode by clicking on it.
On Github | Download or Install
Fixed compatibility with Opera 11.x.
On Github | Download or Install
Initial version. Only compatible with Opera 12.x.
On Github | Download or Install


Then, when you are in a webpage, just click the small QRCode on the toolbar ;) .

Screenshot of this add-on